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Puff Bars


Puff Bar Original
Puff bar is the latest vaping device in the vape market. This pod needs no worry of refilling e-liquid and changing the battery. It is bigger and better than ever. Maintaining is quite simple as it is compact and portable. The pod is light in weight with no removable parts.

Disposable Pod Device
It has no charging port with 280mAh battery. Also, contains 5% or 50mg of nicotine-based salt strength. There are 300 puffs per pod with several delicious flavors. 1.3ml of e-juice in the pod also available.

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The pod features a draw-activation based firing mechanism. This device is for people who do not like carrying much stuff. This is for use & throw. Each puff delivers a throat hit & top-notch flavors as well.

1 x pack of Pod Device.
Puff Bar Features
Disposable pod device requires zero-maintenance, charging or even no refilling.
E-liquid capacity is 1.3ml of salt nicotine e-liquid per Pod cane.
The battery amount contains 280mAh.
It comes as already charged.
Pre-filled, there is no need for those messy refills.
It is compact & portable.
It contains 1.3ml of e-liquid capacity.
5% or 5mg of nicotine.
Up to 300 puffs usage.
Activated Firing-Mechanism.
Guarded against short circuits and also the overheating.
Easy to carry as they are small in size.
These are plastic made.
Various color options are also available.
Available Flavors
·Banana Ice
A refreshing experience which is the next big thing to a banana split sundae.

Inhale and imagine yourself on the top of clouds.

·Orange, Mango, and Grapefruit
With a flavor combo, the taste becomes so tempting. It is also called O.M.G.

·Cafe Latte
This rich flavor smells like coffee.

·Peach Ice
There is nothing quite like the mellow which satisfies the taste of peach.>

·Lychee Ice
It is one of Puff Bar’s most exotic flavors. Since, the Lychee nuts are having a sweet, floral taste & exotic aroma.

·Lush Ice
The Lush Ice tastes like watermelon & menthol to cool things off.

·Pineapple Lemonade
The flavor is sweet & sour combo which is perfect when you want to mix things up.

The flavor is different from others and most relaxing when you start using it.

·Blueberry Ice
The taste of blueberries is popular. Once you try this flavor, it feels like you are consuming the blueberries.

·Cool Mint
This flavor can give you the minty Menthol taste with each puff.

All Strawberry will give you a blast of strawberries. It will entice your taste buds.

With the watermelon flavor of the Puff Bar, you will get splashed with freshness.

·Pink Lemonade
Get Pink Lemonade as the flavor gives humble notes of home-made lemonade with a touch of berries.

·Sour Apple
One of the most exciting flavors.

Savor all the delicate sweetness of ripped pomegranates.

·Blue Razz
A tempting medley of juicy blueberries & tangy raspberries for a delicious experience.

Puff Bar Q/A?
How many hits are in a puff bar?
Puff bar comes with around 300 puffs depending upon how you use.

·What are the best puff bar flavors?
It depends upon you but according to Vaporboss, it is LUSH ICE.

1.Is Puff bar Safe?

Yes, they are safe & are least dangerous when you compare with cigarettes.

2. Is Puff Bar rechargeable?

No, they are a disposable device use and throw.

According to the food & drug administration of California, the legal smoking age is 21. And the product is not for the people below 21 as it is a tobacco product.

People with respiratory issues and pregnant women should also stay away. As, it may cause birth defects. Keep it away from your children and pets too. With every product rated at 5% or 50mg of nicotine. Your taste buds will get enticed with blended flavors that your mind will never forget. We are not a manufacturer of Puff Bar pods.

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Buy Alien Labs Online


buy alien labs online:
Alien Labs begans specializing in breeding their own cultish cannabis flower in 2015. At one point, we believed in Alien Labs and even carried it on the menu. Over time we began to see the small brand everyone loved had become the thing we all feared— ‘big marijuana’. They are now the 800-pound gorilla in the room that bullies all the small guys and pushes people around.

As demand began to increase around the bay area, Connected (the parent company) began charging more for their flower…a LOT more. Nowadays, the wholesale price on Alien Labs eight jars is more than the retail price of many other brands. Is the flower that much better? No. It’s high quality stuff to be sure, but in California there’s no shortage of high quality flower. Whereas award-winning brands like Sovereign, LitHouse, Fig Farms and others sell eight jars for around $55, Alien Labs jars are approaching $80-$100.

It’s the Air Jordan business model—supply and demand. Create the demand through clever marketing and purposely keep the supply limited. It gets everyone whipped into a frenzy, and makes consumers think they’re missing out on something if they don’t spend the extra money.

Our sales rep from Alien Labs began letting us know the big accounts with the deep pockets were more important. The tone of the working relationship began to take on the feel of an abusive relationship. It became clear the days of Alien Labs being good stewards of legalized cannabis where we are cool to each other were over. Now it’s all about the money grab. As our Alien Labs rep put it, “if it’s a problem for you then maybe you should re-consider working with us.”

At Flowsent, we have an intention to promote smaller producers. We’ll continue finding diamonds in the rough and highlighting cultivators you want to know. Below are some side by side comparisons of Alien Labs with other flower that’s just as good for a lot less

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Buy Private Reserve Farms Online


The exact THC levels are unknown. Because, of its potency it is believed to reach above 20% with some even saying it must be closer to 25%. Whatever the case, the effects are pretty consistent. These forest green buds are covered in bright orange hairs. This gives off a tantalizing aroma of sour citrus and sugary sweetness. It would be deceiving not to mention its heavy skunk influences. As they are both on the nose and tongue, but for OG lovers, this is no issue. In fact, it’s a good thing, as the flavors have hints of pine and sugar as well. Buy Canned Weed In Australia. Private Reserve Runtz For Sale. Private Reserve Runtz UK. Buy Runtz Strain Online.

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